Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. To start catching domains using Pro Catch you will need your own TAG. You can apply for a TAG and Membership from Nominet. For for information follow this link Nominet TAGs We also recommend becoming a Nominet Member too. This will give you access to a reduced rate when registering domain names.

Yes. We do not require you to sell them for split profit of any kind. You can do whatever you like with them! We just provide you with a means to catch them.

You can sell them on the vast array of online marketplaces and auction sites. Some examples are Acorn Domains or flip.uk

Currently, Nominet charges £3.90+VAT per year if you are a Nominet Member. We can take care of the domain management for an additional cost of £5 per year.

No currently, Pro Catch is at the moment just for the .UK namespace.